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Learn everything about the trendiest organic balloon decorations and start making money
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About the course
Our course is dedicated to stylish and trendy balloon decorations - organic balloon garlands and installations. Together with us you are guaranteed to learn how to create stylish and spectacular installations from balloons and you will be able to make money on it all year round. We created the course that way, so that in two months you will get our many years experience and begin to make high-quality works with the WOW-effect straight away.
After our course you will:
Put up latex and foil balloon installations of any complexity and size
Draw professional sketches to make clients choose you
Know how to calculate the exact quantity of balloons and other materials needed for your balloon decorations
Calculate the right price for your balloon decorations
Know the rules of how to combine the best colors so that your balloon installations look fabulous
Who is the course for?
Stylish Moms
If you like handmade and want to decorate your family's parties, this course is for you
Beginner Decorator
This is the shortest path to high-quality, artistic and most importantly - demanded works. With us you will learn everything you need for a quick and confident start
Experienced Decorator
If you are an experienced decorator and worked with balloons before, our course will inspire you for new projects and ideas, will give you new acquaintanceship and communication with like-minded people
Owner Of A Balloon Store
With us you will learn and launch a new product and will be able to increase the profit of your business
Course program
Video lectures, communication with like-minded people and teacher support. After each module you will get a home-task to strengthen new knowledge
1 module
Theoretical part
Acquaintance with the course speaker and the learning structure. A lecture about balloon brands, sizes of balloons, materials that should always be with you on a project, how to tie and hang balloon garlands
2 module
Practical part. Organic balloon
Practical part - the most demanded kind of balloon garlands - balloon half-arch. Together we will make stylish balloon garland - from showing how to inflate, tie and hang the garland
3 module
Color combinations. Calculating the amount of materials and price
Rules about combining the most effective colours together, double-stuff technique. Theoretical part about calculating the price and quantities of balloons needed for any kind of installation
4 module
Practical part. Organic balloon wall
Practical part - organic balloon wall. Another kind of balloon decorations. You will learn how to inflate, tie, hang and set up a balloon wall
5 module
Professional sketches in Paint 3D
Lesson about sketches. What program to use, how to work in that program to draw professional sketches. This will make clients choose you, moreover, you can make money on offering sketches
*Paint 3D is currently available only for Windows users
6 module
Balloon Art Installation
Practical part - balloon art installation. You will learn secrets of making unusual shapes of balloon garlands, how to come up with a creative idea, how to tie and hang these kind of installations
7 module
Frames and round backdrop
Theoretical part about different types of frames and backdrops for balloon garlands. We will show you the constructions so that you can order or make the same ones on your own
8 module
Foil balloon installation
Practical part - foil balloon installation. You will see how to work with foil balloons, how to tie them in a garland. Where to purchase the best foil balloons
What type of art-works we will make on the course
About the author
Valerija Kiselova
Author and curator of the course
Hi! My name is Valerija, I have a degree in Creative Events Management. Two years ago I faced a problem of distance learning of balloon art installations. I had to visit many live workshops abroad to learn everything about the trendiest balloon decorations. Now my mission is to solve this problem and give people an opportunity to learn how to make stylish balloon art-works and make money on them at anytime and everywhere.

In my course I will give you all the theoretical information you will need to become a balloon guru. In addition, I will show you different techniques and styles of balloon decorations.

I want people to offer the most beautiful, high-quality and stylish work from balloons. I am ready to surprise you with the quality and quantity of new information.
How it works
Online videos
You can complete and watch a module
at anytime and everywhere
New module every week
Each week you will get access to a new module
Home tasks
After each module you are required to
complete a home task
During the training you will put
4 different balloon art-works
24/7 online chat
Access to the course group chat to have communication with other decorators
from around the world
Live-sessions with the curator
During the course you will be able to ask your questions about the lessons
What our students create after our training
What you will get after the course
A certificate with your full name about completing the course
Access to all video courses
A bonus video on how to promote your business and several sales methods
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